Just another stupid conversation.

Mummy: Matthew, go and do the sets of questions that I brought home. Geography and BM.

*few minutes later. Matthew came out of mummy's room with the sets of question*

Matthew: So I do this paper, and the answer comes from the government izit?
Mummy: *stared at Matthew blankly* What government? I set some of those questions. Of course the answer will come from me lah
Me: *washing the dishes* HAHAHAHAHAHA! Why do you think the government is gonna give you the answer?
Matthew: I thought they are the one who set the question.
Mummy: Where got?! It is set by SPA, not the government. 
Me: Tew! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's like the time when you asked mummy whether the Yang di-Pertuan Agong is gonna come for the school's mesyuarat agung
Matthew: *looking at me squarely* Hey, that was my friend okay. 
Me: Righhhht.


Isabel: Cheche, you are a teenager. Do you experience this? *referring to the changes of a girl during puberty from her book*
Me: I am no longer a teenager lah Bell. I am a young adult already. But yeah, I've experienced this before.
Isabel: Eeee. If cheche is an adult already, why aren't you married?
Me: -.-" Bell, I'm still studying lah. Then again, I don't have a boyfriend to begin with. How am I supposed to get married without a boyfriend?
Isabel: Got lah che! Juah Rono. Rono Juah. Hehe.
Me: Whaaaatttt? No lah Bell. He's just a friend. 
Isabel: Can lah, can lah che. Marry him! Che, how does he look like? Can I see his photo?
Me: Issshh! No lah Bell. I don't have his photo here in my phone. 
Isabel: Eeee! Ask him to send photo to your phone lah. I want to see.
Me: Uhhh... No need lah Bell. He got no credit now. 
Isabel: Hmmmpf. If like that I want to meet him can kah?
Me: Next time lah kay? If he wants lah that is.
Isabel: Yeaaay! Okay. :D

*listening to We Speak No Americano on Mix.fm*
Macson: What is this horrible song?! Where is Boyfriend (Big Time Rush)?
Me: Uhhh... Don't have. They played it already. This song is called Papa Americano.
*a few seconds later*
Macson: Huarrghhh! Does this song goes like this all the way? It is saying "paloi" over and over again.
Me: Huhhhh? Where got "paloi"! It's "papa americano". And yes. It goes like this all the way.
Macson: God this song sucks! It doesn't have lyrics at all.
Me: Yes it does. It says papa americano.
Macson: -____-"


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