Just the way Bruno is

*Disclaimer: This post was actually in my draft box for God remembers how long. After watching Bruno Mars' performance during the Superbowl just now, I finally have a reason to actually write this post. Lol*

For those who are close to me knows my love towards Bruno Mars. And despite how much I love YouTube artists (i.e. Boyce Avenue, Chester See, Jason Chen, and the lists goes on), when it comes to Bruno Mars' songs, nobody can sing it better than himself. No, I'm for real here. 

Which leads me to this version of Just The Way You Are. I heard this particular version of the song during my cousin's wedding. I think it was during the food presentation and this was the second song that they use. Being Bruno Mars' fangirl, obviously I was very excited because my favourite singer is included in their wedding playlist. When I heard the rapping part, I was like, "eh, this song ada remix version? How come I do not know of this?" But I brush the feeling away so I continued eating when I heard:

"Oh sayang, sayaaannnggg...."


I think I put my spoon down upon hearing this and felt a bit enrage because like I said,
nobody, NOBODY, can sing a Bruno Mars song better than himself!

Which brings me to the halftime Superbowl 2014.

So for this time around, Bruno Mars was the performer invited to perform during the halftime show, along with Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
From what I read on Twitter, he WAS NOT PAID for this performance.
Yet his performance was superb! 
Just like any of his performance that you've seen.

This was during the opening of his performance. His drum skills, man!
I never knew he could play a mean, beat, drum.

He sang Just The Way You Are for the finale of the performance, and obviously you would know which 
version of the song I prefer.
Need I say more?

Oh Bruno Mars, you're so fine....
Will you be mine?


2 comments darling:

  1. Agree. Only Bruno can be Bruno.

    However I also like the acapella version of Just The Way You Are in Pitch Perfect, altho it was a remix too. :)

    1. Oh ya!! That version. Pitch Perfect is an awesome movie, all the songs are well selected and the singers too so I have no problem with their version because I like acapella music too. Cz, let's face it, Bruno is at the top of his league now because there is nobody who is as talented as this guy here. :)


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