I have this obsessions with shades. I don't know why, and I can't remember how or when I started to have obsessions with shades. However, I think that shades is one of the best men invention ever created because, *I'm gonna go all Jeannie Mai here. lol :p* with the right shades, it can actually enhance your looks. Just like bangs for girls. 

Here are a bunch of photos of me in shades. 

*Disclaimer: These are some of my vain moments that I've never actually brought out in my blog. So if you feel like you wanna puke, please go ahead but make sure you have a barf bag next to you*

But when it comes to guys, I love guys who wears wayfarers and aviators. Ray Ban especially. Gosh I could melt! 

Though, that doesn't mean girls can't rock that wayfarer/aviator looks. I know some who rocks that look!

Well, that's about it for tonight. 

I'm gonna hit the sack now, *no use for me to continue study if I'm not even there*. Good night!


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