After 24 years of living and 13 years of suffering PMS, 
only now I realize that I have two moods whenever I'm about to get my period
(in other words, PRE-MENSTRUAL SYNDROME, duuh):

1. I am so angry at everyone and everything, even for the slightest thing like, well, let me give you a scenario:
I went to the coffee shop and want to order something fancy like, soya bean fresh peng
But the waitress said, "oh, soya bean fresh tidak ada. Soya bean tin ada."
That, ladies and gentlemen, can make me flipped in a nano-second and I ended up raised my voice to 
the waitress and asked, "APALAH KAMU ADA SEKARANG?"


2. I can be super sentimental or cry at the smallest thing. Another scenario: 
*this actually happened recently* I listened to All Of Me by John Legend in the radio when I was on my way back from school.
So I was singing along to the song, as usual until suddenly, my voice started to cracked ,
AND I started crying.
While listening and singing along to All Of Me.
I listen to the song almost everyday of the week, but never had it actually induced me to cry.

Now, men. 
Can you actually understand that sometimes we don't wish to act differently or emotionally out of random?
But it is actually caused by our hormones?

Fucked up, I know. 


2 comments darling:

  1. Gosh.. You didn't have any extreme "sensual" feelings during PMS?! Every time I see a guy, it made me wanna jump at them, yup during PMS. Hahahaha! That is some fucked up mess.

    1. Hahaha... Nope. I don't think I've had that feelings before, even when I was with A. Because I tend to have the policy (even applied on guys -.-"), "nice to see, nice to hold. If you broke it, consider sold." So yeah. Haha. Btw, nice timing on the comment! 11:11 youuuuuu!


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