The "tin cola" story

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I heard this story a few times last year when I was doing my internship under Aunty Eileen's team. 
Basically, the story is about a Coca Cola can, but I make some minor changes based on the place I am living in, which is the city of Kuching.

Imagine yourself as a Coca Cola can. 
Hundreds and thousands of Coca Cola cans are produced daily at the factory.
They have the same design, the same size, and definitely the same taste. 
Now, all these Coca Cola cans are shipped everywhere; 
they are shipped to the grocery stores, coffee shops, clubs, pubs, and also hotels.
And if you notice, the price of Coca Cola at these places varies. 
At the grocery store, a Coca Cola can cost you about RM 1.50 or RM 1.80 (depends on where the location is).
At the coffee shop, a Coca Cola can cost you about RM 2.00.
And then, when you go to an upscale diner, a can of Coca Cola can cost you around RM 3.00 - RM 5.00+/-.
Now, when you go to a club or a bar, say, The Library, or even a hotel, say, Hilton, the price of a Coca Cola can easily cost you around RM 7.00+/-. 
You may wonder, why, a Coca Cola can cost differently at different places when it has the same design, the same size, and of course, same taste. 
But if you notice on the places where the Coca Cola is sold, you will notice that actually the place/venue where it is sold is the one that gives the Coca Cola its "value". 

Now, why am I telling this story?
This is because, you can actually apply this Coca Cola analogy in life.
You imagine yourself to be the Coca Cola can, and where do you want to place yourself to give yourself a "value" or "net worth", to be exact.
If you are a degree holder, and you place yourself similar to those who only study up to SPM, 
then obviously you are making your "value" much lower than your real "value".
I know for a fact that sometimes, different people have different opinions about "value"; everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
But, if you know your real "value", why do you want to downgrade yourself just because?
Or you accept the "value" because you feel like, that is the only choice you have at the time?

I still remember the words of my Islamic Finance lecturer, Mr Bakri. 
He said, "God provides all the resources in the world for His people. But we humans only managed to utilize a small portion of the resources. There are still more that we have yet to discover."
Deep, I know.
However, if you were to take those words into our life too, in other words, God provides to us humans in so many ways we could ever imagine. 
But we only managed to find a small portion of what He provides to us, because we always think we get what we deserve, despite what we "deserve" is not really what God thinks we "deserve".

My point is this:
We are worth far more than what we think we are worth.
Why take a chance on something that you know, will make you unhappy, or miserable, rather than continue searching until you find the one that makes you happy (not only referring to relationship here, there is more to life than only relationship).
Life is full of surprises, and opportunities don't only come from only one doors.
Keep on "knocking" on those doors, until one is open up for you. 
If it is the best for you, take it.
If it is not, leave, don't look back, don't ponder on the "what ifs".
Because other opportunities won't come to you if you keep on looking at "closed doors".
But until that opportunity comes, have faith in God, for He knows what is good for you.


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  1. Good one, and you are soooo right! As for me, I'd stocked up a crate of coke at home and just tapau one or two to work or anywhere whenever I feel like it. :D


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