You only live once

Yeah I just had to use this quote from this legendary movie. We know what happens in the end, anyways 

In today's world, with the number of divorces are getting higher each day and people remarry for different reasons, obviously the above doesn't apply. Sorry Rahul (he in the end remarries too, which means he 'violated' his principle of marrying only once). And regardless if a person remarries for two, three or four times for that matter, and if they are happier than they were before, why are we bothered if his wife is his third wife from his third marriage or her husband is her second husband after her first marriage fails? I really don't see the need of referring people that way. 

Who are we to judge their reasoning of certain decisions in life when we do not want people to judge our decisions as well, no?


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  1. You're right. Rahul found his soul-mate again, yay! always loved that movie. :-)


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