3 important life lessons I learn from the movie Me Before You

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So last night, I went to watch the movie Me Before You starring Sam Claflin as Will Traynor and the witty Emilia Clarke as Louisa Clark, AGAIN
Yes, AGAIN. Lol.
The reason why I watched this movie again is because the first time I watched it with my best friend when I was at my home town, I did not cry when I watched it. 
Hence, I feel like something is missing somewhere. 
I mean, I can't be this emotionally strong as how the bestie or Vic portray me to be,
 *although, actually I am stronger now, in terms of emotional because as you can see, I blogged less these days. What I do with my emotions these days, is that I divert it into something better, perhaps either I go for a jog or if it so happens it is piloxing night, I just let it all out during piloxing. So everytime I want to go and blog, EVEN THOUGH I do have ideas in mind what I want to blog, I will be like, 'will this even matter the moment I click "PUBLISH"? Who's gonna read my tiny blog, anyways?' So, yeah. I guess that is main reason why I rarely blog these days.*
That is why I decided to watch it AGAIN last night, exactly after one week I watched the premier of the movie. 
Well, and also because I accidentally read spoilers on  Huffington post that I know how the ending's going to be. Damn you Huffington post for making me curious enough to actually click on the link to read about it. 
So the spoilers did somehow affect how I watch the movie. 
Lesson learnt:
NEVER, EVER, read on random posts about the movie that you plan to watch.
UNLESS, you are ready to know how the movie ends. 

So now, if you ask me, should you go and watch Me Before You at the movies, my answer will be, 
if you enjoyed The Fault In Our Stars and also If I Stay, you should go and watch it. 
But if I must rank it according to how it emotionally (lol) affect me, I would rank Me Before You in #3, after If I Stay. 
To me, nothing beats The Fault In Our Stars as at to date (I'm talking about the movies that are produced after 2002 onwards. Nothing can beat The Notebook or A Walk To Remember. Those, are just epic. Today's teenagers or young adults would not know what I'm talking about lol). 

Anyway, before I got carried away talking about which romance movie is awesome as at to date, 
I better get going on to the REAL reason why I decided to blog today. 
Like a book, movies also has a way for us the audience to learn from it. 
And if you are like me, a person who can actually watch the same movie for 10 times and still didn't get bored of it, you will know that every time you watch the movie, you will learn new points that you might missed from the movie earlier. 

So for this particular movie, I can definitely relate to the points that the director, Thea Sharrock as well as the author of the book, Jojo Moyes are trying to deliver via this movie. 
And the choice of the main actors, Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke is just, WONDERFUL. 
I cannot imagine any other actors or actresses who could portray this movie as good as them. 
As a person who is in my 20 something, who are at times, not even sure whether am I doing the right thing in life or not, this movie OPEN UP my eyes on how I should just live my life. 
Which brings me to point #1

*Note: if you have yet to watch this movie (but you are PLANNING to), please take note that somewhere along this post I might reveal some spoilers on what happened in this movie so please don't go curse at me for revealing some spoilers. But! I will try my best not to reveal the ending though. Haha


When Louisa was interviewed by Will Traynor's mum, Camilla on the position as a "caregiver", Camilla actually asked a question to Louisa which actually made Louisa appears to be struggling to answer the question. The question is actually a simple question; but yet it can make one to appear as "unambitious" or "doesn't take life seriously" if your answer is, "oh I don't know. Perhaps married with one kid," or a simple "I don't know. I can't even tell you what I'm going to eat for lunch/dinner later." I've come across people who just live day by day, without knowing what they plan to do when they retire one day, what kind of lifestyle do they want after their retirement; let alone 5 years down the road. These kind of people are actually the dangerous kind of people to be around with. All they know is to have fun, planning for their next vacation or getaway, just because they can't stand their mundane life. But yet, they did not do anything to improve their life towards the better. Life is all about choices. There are so many choices in this world. Like, for example, if you don't like to drink Starbucks coffee, you can always choose Coffee Bean for that matter. We are SPOILT with so many choices in the world, and yet we tend to go with the most comfortable thing that we know. Because to us, comfortable is easy. It is true, that comfortable is easy. But comfortable also doesn't make us any better, because we will keep be doing the same thing over and over again. And yet, one asked, "why is my life so boring? I am just practically afloat on this earth until I found something better to do." My question is, why are you just waiting for something to drop on your lap only then you make a move? Sure, doing something outside of your comfortable zone is not the easiest thing to do. Do you think it was easy for me when I first started jogging, or going for piloxing classes for that matter? There are days that I literally had to pep talked myself in order for me to actually drive myself to the nearest park to jog. But yet, as time passes by, it is as if I had done this all my life. As Will said to Louisa, 

"Push yourself. Don't settle. Just live well. Just, LIVE."

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This sounds complicated, because we are surrounded by noises. Noises from our families, friends, acquaintance, bosses, that aunty or grand-aunty you only met once a year. Pressure to live a certain way that you should be, or so they say. But then again, I don't remember when we are being born to this world, God gave a guidebook to our parents with the title, "HOW TO HANDLE *insert your name here* " Heck, He doesn't even give us a guidebook on how to live our life (as in, the non sinful way, of course. Not the "let's sleep around" or "I'm gonna cheat people to get what I want" kind of thing). As long as what you do in your life makes you happy *no matter how stupid it might sound to someone else*, that's what matters the most. YOU. Your happiness. Sure, you need to make sure that your parents are pleased with your choice, or your choice pleases them *I am still figuring this out too*. And maybe some close friends too, but in the end of the day, if these people have little significance in your life, and you let THEM affect how you live your life, you are bound to make yourself depressed, or sad. Why do you need other people to define your life when you know what your capabilities are? Sure, you need some guidance here and there. That is why you should have a mentor in life; or at the very least, someone whom you can turn to and will give you the best advice, even if the advice makes you cringe or stings you to the core. But, in the end of the day, it is YOUR HAPPINESS that matters the most. If they really value you as they said they would, they will not say something like, "you know, you shouldn't do this *if they are trying to talk you out against something that can make you better, perhaps (?)*. What will this uncle/that aunty/this person/that person think if they know you are doing this? Ko gila kah?". Instead, they would say something like, "I've known you for so many years already. And I've seen your strength and weaknesses. And although I may not agree with the way you are doing it, but if it makes you happy, and you know you have the strength to do it, go for it." I am thankful, and grateful, every single day that I am surrounded by the people who value my happiness, as much as I value theirs. And so far, I am loving the life that I am living. It might not be as adventurous as the next person (YET); but I'm happy to know that my life is define by me, and only me. And not by some grand-aunty I met just once a year *pun DEFINITELY intended*.


When I first watched the trailer, the one part that got me the most was this particular scene:

Source: Tumblr

The reason why this part hits me to the core is because, all my life, I've met people who constantly tries to change me to, I don't know, someone else. Someone who is definitely not me. Initially, I was naive to even realized that the particular person was trying to change me. I thought that, "if it makes him happy, why not? His happiness is also my happiness." How wrong I was. Because throughout all the time that I 'changed' to make this person happy, I was miserable. I thought that I deserved the miserable-ness; because he planted it in my mind that I deserve it (in some ways I can't explain here). However, the moment I was no longer with the person, and I discover who I actually was (more like discovering who I am as a person, without being defined by another person), I was actually happier. My pace might not be the same as the other person, but at least I know that those changes that I made, is because it was MY decision to make. And not because the next person said that I should do it. *now, see how this particular point and point #2 is related somehow?* Before this also, I always find it hard to accept people who doesn't have the same thinking as I am. Until I met Aunty Eileen, and she mentioned to me this, "Cel, you have to remember. Not everyone has the same level of awareness as yours. Or have the same kind of exposure like yours. So you cannot go and hate them for reacting the way they reacted to you." I can't remember why she said those things to me now; but I guess it has something to do with me being the person who insists that if everyone has the same kind of thinking, it will make the world a better place. However now when I come to think about it, if everyone thinks exactly how I do, it will be a boring, predictable world. So, I learn to accept that different people think differently because of their level of awareness; because of the exposure that they have; the people that they surround themselves with. And this year (actually it was since last year; and it is indeed ONE year since I met this particular person), I was tested again with the part where someone tries to change me to be who he thinks I should be. However, this time, I got smarter. I didn't really follow through with what this person's vision of how he wants me to be. Maybe because I already have a vision of who I see myself become in the next 5 years; or at least, I already know what exactly I want in my life. It's just that I have yet to get to where I want to be. So I detests the changes he tried to apply on me. There are times that I got frustrated of why he did what he did; but I forgive him anyway. And even though as hard as it is for me to let him go and accept that he no longer is in the chapters of my life, I still remember him for the good memories he gave to me. It might not be much, but I value it to my core because he made me feel special. I guess, despite of all the things that he made me feel, he did made me feel special. So far, not many people had made a mark in my life (where they made me happy, sad, angry, frustrated, ALL AT ONCE) and this guy, is the second person who leave a deep impact in my life. He was also the second person who created a turning point in my life; from just accepting that I'm gonna be fat and happy to I'm gonna be fit, healthy and happy. And I'm loving the person I become today, because of him. And I hope that some day, when the time is right for me to finally be with the person whom God destined me to be, I will be at my happiest and glad of all the curveball people that God had sent to me to experience, be it good or bad experience.

So I guess a #3.1 lesson that I can include in here is that, 


Image from:
Maria Shriver: Power of Inspiration

Phew! There goes the life lessons that I learn from the movie Me Before You. I hope I didn't bore you with the ramblings and examples that I include in my posts; it's just how I write haha. Plus, it has been really A WHILE since I properly blog. Till the next post, when I get my inspiration. And with this post, I am going to end this post with a letter by Will to Louisa. Just because, and it is also for the person who came into my life and walked out but is never forgotten. This letter is also for the valuable people who are still in my life, and despite of us not talking properly due to the us being busy in life, know that you guys are REALLY, very important people in my life. *and because I am kinda like Louisa Clark. Those who knows me really well will know which part where they can relate me to Clark.*


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