Expect The Unexpected

Look at these faces. Priscilla at the most left, Rachel at the most right. Priceless, no?

Yup, that is basically what happened today. This month, two of my bestest friends celebrated their birthday. Priscilla's on the 13th, Rachel's on the 22nd. And since their birthday falls on the same month, along with the rest of the girls, we decided to celebrate their birthday together last night at Premier 101 and yes, it was suppose to be a surprise. But due to certain circumstances, that plan had to be discarded and I had to shift the plan to Thursday since both the birthday girls are in the same class as I.

The initial plan was to surprise the girls in class during break time. But Priscilla said she wouldn't be attending the class as she was only half awake (no, I am not kidding you. That is what she texted me. Haha.); though she will be meeting me at the faculty since we want to see our supervisor, Dr Evan. So I had to change the plan to after class because we don't have class after our Entrepreneurial Finance. 

But again, some minor things didn't go according to plan because our class ended super early, Pris was still at Cais, and we had no "modal" to keep Rachel to stay that Tina had to say asked Rachel to wait for another friend of theirs. So, Mijot and I, along with Hany were standing at the faculty's lobby, wondering what might happened and whether it will work. 

After what had seemed an eternity, Pris texted saying that she had arrived so I went to fetch her at the parking area at the faculty; however Rachel seemed like she wants to leave already. I was a bit worried at that time if the surprise might not work :(. Luckily, Rachel stick around, and then Pris and I came and we were 'reunited' at the lobby. 

Suddenly....... *cue in the dramatic music sound effect*

I decided to made a speech *what was I even thinking at that time? When I think back, I sound like a YB pulak* saying

"Now, oleh kerana semua dah ada di sitok, sebenarnya, aku ada hajat nak disampaikan...."

And Mijot bring out the cupcakes and I brought it to the girls, and we (as in Mijot, Tina, Hany and Ling, my coursemate) started singing "Happy Birthday" to the girls. We got stares from those who were around but hey, it doesn't matter. If it was your friend's birthday, I know you would do the same, no? After that, the rest was history. We took some photos, and laugh, and eat. How I love that moment, where you are surrounded by the people you love, and feel happy. I know Ling and Hany feel the love, don't deny it okay? Haha. The birthday girls even got birthday wishes from random strangers, well, they are not strangers lah. They are our juniors. 

Now, I shall let the pictures do the talking :)

Mijot trying to light up the candle but unfortunately, it was too windy. Boohoo.

I think this was the time I made that "YB" speech. Lols. Look at Hany's expression.
Asked the girls to make a wish. Bebena juak lah rupa Chel molah wish nya lok. Haha. But whatever your wishes are girls, I hope it come true ;)

The girls (from L - R): Mijot, Tina, Rachel, Priscilla
With yours truly :)

October babies! 
Born: Priscilla Siaman Tylors.
D.O.B: October 13
Born: Rachel Rinta Anak Nelson Nyanggau
D.O.B: October 22
And they are the blessings that God gave to me :)

Since these girls are born in October, they are Libras! Very compatible with Aquarius *coughs*; explains why Rachel is my soul sister and Priscilla, well, we have the same random outbursts at very random moments. And did I mentioned that we both have Dr Evan as our supervisor for our final year project, AND that our FYP projects are from the same field? Well, yeah. That explains it. Since we celebrated you girls' belated birthday, I'm gonna end this post with a daily horoscope for Libra for today. It says, 

"Now is the time to make your move romantically. If you’re already with someone, shower them with gifts and affection or just request some time alone today or tonight. You won’t be sorry!" 

Don't ask me why it is like that. Haha.


Happy birthday Chel & Pris! :)

P.s. Victoria and May, you miss all the fun, but we still love you. Hugs and kisses from us!


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