Work it baby!

This statement is very true, and I doubt some guys (or at least, the guy that I had a crush on before) understand.
There is nothing wrong really in dressing well, especially to class.
While I was still studying, I've seen guys in my faculty don't even make an effort to dress smartly.
Heck, I even saw guys wore tracksuit to class. 
You're going to a lecture, not Pendidikan Jasmani class for goodness sake.
Then again, I can't blame them also.
Kota Samarahan, is one hot place.
Even Dr Harry, one of my lecturer once said, 

"There's no point in wearing blazer in UNIMAS, especially if you walk a lot. Jalan dari parking to the canselori dah berpeluh."

Take note, that is said by a lecturer.

Despite of what I've said, 
I don't expect them guys to go all Wak Doyok lah.
I still don't understand the fascination of equating this guy as a fashion guru. 

I'm sorry Wak Doyok fans, but really.
I can't brain this. I'm sorry.
But if you ask me, who do I think is a great male fashionista (do males use this term too? Haha, I can't find other term to describe them) in this country, I will say,

Awal Ashaari.

Lagi sedap mata memandang. *wink*

Yeah, I know, this post seems pointless kan?
I just need a reason to post a picture of my favourite guys in suits.

Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) and Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht).

Ughhh the level of testosterone.
I can't wait to see these two back in action again. 

March 6, please come faster. 


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