Periuk Ajai

I know this is very random, but I suddenly remembered about a conversation that happened during CNY family reunion dinner.
I can't remember what we were talking about, but my wild guess it was about food.
And then suddenly, akung asked this question:

"Dini kitai ulih meli periuk AJAIB ke baka ba dalam iklan nyak neh?"

Translation: I wonder where we can buy a magic pot that is in the advertisment.

But what most of us heard was


Yup, you guess it from the title.


As in this dude, who used to be Nurul's husband. He was also a former member of a Malaysian band, Exist.

For a few minutes, papa, Uncle Casey, Uncle Joe, Aunty Cyn and I were looking at each other wondering what on earth is a PERIUK AJAI

I think akung realizes that we still couldn't catch what he said so he rephrase what he said:

"Nyak aah. Periuk AJAIB deh, ke main tungkup nyak deh."

Translation: I meant, magic pot, that you can close very tightly.

Tbh, I can't explain that, so I'm just gonna post the picture of this PERIUK AJAIB.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is PERIUK AJAIB. Although, I don't know how you call it in English.

To which papa replied, "oh, mummy sida tok (as in my mum) bisi periuk tok di rumah deh. Kumbai aku periuk Ajai tadik. Heran aku sejak bila Ajai bisi ngeluar periuk."

Translation: oh, their mummy have this pot at home. I heard periuk Ajai, which leads to me wondering since when did Ajai produced pots.

It was a very funny moment when you actually remembered. Haha. 
Periuk Ajai.


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