Running Man

This is a conversation between my younger brother and I when I picked him up from tuition.

Matthew: Angry Bird is so addictive! Once you played it, you cannot stop.
Me: You played Angry Birds meh?
Matthew: Yeah. Why?
Me: No. Angry Birds are sooooooooo 2011.
Matthew: Hahahaha! So true also. Oh, do you know the game on the tablet where this guy is running on top of the bricks or something?
Me: Oh ya!!! Running man! *a few seconds later* Wait, it is not Running man. *Running Man is a Korean tv show. What was I thinking?* TEMPLE RUUUUUUNNNNN!!!
Matthew: Wait. Is it Running Man or Temple Run?
Me: Temple Run. -.-"

How can I confuse 




I have no idea! And just so you guys know, I am NOT a fan for either Temple Run nor Running Man.


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