A text conversation between me and Rachel. *since it was in Iban, I will translate it to English*

Rachel: Yer. So this is like, a family reunion or something? Haha. Did you ask how your ex is doing?
Me: Tsk. Haha. No need lah mang. I'm happy now, and I know he's happy with *insert ex-current's gf name here*. The funny thing is, actually yesterday/the day before yesterday I dreamt of him. I don't miss him. That's why I'm surprised that I actually dreamt of him.
Rachel: Haha. Maybe he just want to interframe in your dream. Like Golding (as in Henry Golding). That's good mang. Like prof said, let bygone be bygone. I love that quote. Haha.
Me: If he really wants to interframe, agak-agak lah. Why you want to interframe in my dream, HIS EX? For a moment, I was stunned. Haha. He had become my 'bygone' for a while now. So I can actually say his name easily, but it doesn't mean that I miss him.
Rachel: Hahaha. Well, you know dreams. They can choose the most random people to be in your dream. Like last night, I dream of *name is withheld here for privacy purposes*. It's even more illogical that the person misses me. Hahaha.

So, being the curious cat that I usually am, I actually Google-d to find the meaning of my dream. Because this is not the first time I dreamt of him, this year. I think this is the second, and as most of my friends know, I'm doing really great. 

And I found the best answer, well, at least for me, about why I dreamt of him even though I don't miss him anymore. 

If we’re going through a stressful time in our lives and seem to have more on our proverbial plate than we ever asked for – our mind will take us to a “simpler time” – if an ex happens to be there, it isn’t necessarily a compliment to them.  They just happened to be in the picture at the time.

 Just so you guys know, I really don't miss my ex. Perhaps, I am indeed stress about the finals that my mind just wander off to somewhere very familiar, and my ex happens to be there. So there you go. If you are just like me, who dreamt of your ex sometimes, but you know you don't miss him/her, no worries and don't jump into conclusion that you miss him/her, nor he/she misses you. It just so happen that maybe you miss the old times, and your subconscious mind brought you down memory lane and poof! Your ex decided to appear in your dream. 

Okay, I don't know how to end this post. So I shall stop here. Updates soon, perhaps? And for those who will be sitting for their final exams (including me), I wish you all the best. Jiayou jiayou ^^


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