When Keningau darling meet Kuching baby :)

Photo 1: Elly singing her heart out.
Photo 2: Yours truly. Passionately singing. 
Photo 3: -ditto-
Photo 4: Our supper at Food Avenue. Elly and I ordered tomato kueh tiaw, but from different stall. Lol. If I know she ordered the same food, I would order at the same stall.
Photo 5: How we spend our Saturday night. In front of each other's lappy. You might think it is sad, but I think it is bliss. It's not that we don't have a life; we are just not party girls who partied all night long. 
Photo 6: Elly's braid termenjadi. Her short hair makes it harder for her to braid it. *otedah*
Photo 7: My braid termenjadi. I just simply do it and that is how it turned out. Lol. Epic failure. 

Sorry for the lack of updatse for my avid readers (if any, *coughs*) as I have been busy. It is the first week of the new semester and I'm kinda pumped up for the new semester. Classes are held at the new faculty (finally!) and also the new CTF (I have no idea what it stands for actually, and I am in my second year. Tew). By the way, I no longer stay in the residential college as I was kicked out last semester so now I am driving back and forth from home. Tiring but I prefer to be at home than college because simply, I got free food at home. Home cook some more. What more can I ask? It is almost midnight and I think I should go now as I haven't read a single thing for class tomorrow. But didn't I make an aim that I want to be a good student this semester? What was I thinking when I did that I wonder. Okay. Gtg. See you soon, I hope. 




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