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*this conversation take place at Station One, The Hills.*
Clive: I asked you guys a question. What do you guys think about bringing iPad everywhere you go? *looking at a girl who was really engrossed on her iPad across our table*
Me: Well, I think it's a bit troublesome lah.
Randy: Depends lah. I think it's okay lah, but not all the time.
Clive: I think it is not necessary lah. I mean, you are going out with your friends but you are not concentrating at all with your surroundings. What is the point?
Me: That is so true. I mean, texting is bad enough but we get used to it already. But you were out with your friends but you are playing with you iPad, that's just plain rude.
Clive: True, true. I agree with you.
Me: What's the use of going out with friends if in the end you are still concentrating on you gadgets, right?


Well, it is not that the iPad or any tablet gadget in particular is bad. It is just that when it comes to the time where you spend with your friends, for REAL interaction, spend it as lively as you can. You can have all the time for you to play with you iPad when you are at home; you don't have to eat or sleep or bath or do anything else for that matter. Just saying. 


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