*From now on, post with numbers as its title means that I'm posting random photos that I took at various, random times. Just to keep the blogging mojo alive. Haha. :)*

Photo 1: Me hugging Voldermot! OMG,I can't believe I actually did that. Hahaha. Taken before watching the premiere (mind you, THE PREMIERE) of Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows 2. :)
Photo 2: Travis, cousin Mau's son. Yes, his name is Travis. He's 2 years old now. And very much adorbs! This was during a family gathering at Heng Guan; it was a thanksgiving dinner for my cousin Rousel (actually,I don't know how to spell his name that I have to refer to the text message that mummy forward to me just to make sure of his name. Hahaha.) and his wife Cory after their wedding reception which was held at Simunjan two weeks ago.
Photo 3: My brother Macson, when he was, I don't know how old he was. Hahaha. Stumble upon this photo at cousin's house at Heng Guan. This was actually taken during aunt Dara's wedding 13 years ago. I almost forgot how he looks like back then. Hahahaha. *gasp*
Photo 4: Me and Brownie, my favourite cat. I was bored home alone so this is what I do. :p
Photo 5: Bro Macson. This was taken during the blackout last Tuesday. Yes, we are that bored.
Photo 6: Blackie, my other cat. Came to the living room and found her sitting there, at my favourite spot. Hahahahaha. (okay, I need to stop "hahahaha-ing" after every sentence. Dang you RJ. Texting you makes me go gila. Hahaha. Okay,stop!)

So now, my blog is updated. :)



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