Ku tetap menunggu...... Not. Hahaha!

It's 1 in the morning and I can't sleep even though I had a long day today at FSGK's opera. Hence explains why I did not update my blog. Ngeh ngeh. Sorry bloggie. Texting Mr Chipsmore (okay, now he's being Chipsmore again). And as usual, he makes me smile. Plus, earlier on when I received his text, I was actually reading this girl's blog. Her blog's interesting. Haha. Anyway, in her blog she put the song Ku Menunggu by Rossa (original song was sang by Ella and this dude, err... forgot his name). So yeah, smiling like an idiot moment happens again. Mr Chipsmore, Imma dedicate this song to you (no, I don't have a thing for breaking up people's relationship. In fact, I LOATHE those kind of people. And no, Mr Chipsmore doesn't have a girlfriend. Random saja bah this post) since you make me smile for these few months. Somehow, I'm glad that we met again after all those years :D. Sooooo.... here you go ;)

Ku menunggu kau putus dengan kekasihmu

takkan ku ganggu kau dengan kekasihmu

ku kan selalu disini untuk menunggumu

cinta itu,

ku berharap kau kelak cintai aku

saat kau tak bersama kekasihmu

ku lakukan semua agar kau cintai aku

reff :

haruskah ku bilang cinta

hati senang namun bimbang

ada cemburu juga rindu

ku tetap menunggu

haruskah ku bilang cinta

hati senang namun bimbang

kau sudah ada yang punya

ku tetap menunggu

datang padaku

u tahu kelak kau datang kepadaku

saat kau sadar betapa ku cintaimu

ku kan selalu setia untuk menunggumu

kembali ke reff

Okay. Enough crapping. Better get some sleep as I WILL be having a long day again today. Xoxo. Love, Marcy.


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