Too young to be senile; but not too old to be mummy's little princes

Yes, it is May already Marcy. Haven't you realized?

As I was reading along some random girl's tweet, I just realized that today is 8th May 2011. How did I had my a-ha moments you might ask? The girl mentioned that this Monday she'll be reporting to St Joseph's for Form 6 to her friend. Then it hits me, isn't my brother going to Form 6 too? When is he reporting again? July right? And again, another a-ha moment. Saw the calendar at my computer, written "8/5/2011". I was like, OMG! IT IS FUCKING MAY! WHEN DID THE TIME FLIES? (blaming on the klmj moments and pms. Lol, kidding. I don't like to play the blame game okay?) But yes, prior to reading the tweet, I was klmj-ing and it bring me all the way to the month of February, when I was still at my 'mourning' period (if you stay long enough, I will tell you what I mean by 'mourning' period). So yeah. Thank you girl, for bringing me back to reality, where now, everything and everyone makes me smile. Apalah Marcy tok pandey babo indah? Hahaha.

Mamita and me. Most people say I don't look like her. Why?

Anyway, today is the first Sunday of May so I guess everyone knows what day it is today. Yup, it's Mother's Day alright. So what are you guys planning to do for Mother's day? Hope you guys have fun! As for me, I don't know how's my Mother's day gonna be cause I don't really celebrate Mother's day. Waaaaaiiit! Don't go and judge me for not celebrating it. Here's the thing I would like all of you to ponder: on Mother's day, most children will say, "I love you mummy for all the things you did to me," or "Mama, today is your special day. Let us do something special," etc. But on other 364 days in the year, I bet you don't say to her you love her. I bet you let her do all the chores at home. I bet you curse her for not being the kind of mother you want. I bet you do all sorts of things that hurt her. I know I do that. But mothers have this wonderful gift that people call "patience". Yes, patience. No matter what we did to her, the most she did was nag and nag and nag (or maybe scold in some cases) but actually, she was not that angry. Try and imagine being in their shoes; ever since you were conceive in the womb, she sacrifices her time, her money, her energy just to take care of you. Will you ever match that up? I don't think so. Why do you only celebrate your mummy or mama or indai or sindok (okay, Bidayuh spelling failed. Haha.) on the first Sunday of May and not the rest of the days in the year? The rest of the days are her days too. Doing small gestures like doing the dishes or do your own cooking or wash her car after driving it off to Neverland and dirty it or clean your own room could make her happy you know? And the most important thing, appreciate her while she is still around. For when she is gone, it won't be the same anymore. All the actions that you were supposed to do when she was around will be useless. That's what I'm trying to do for my mamita.

So to dear mommies out there, happy mother's day to you. You are a superhero in your own way, no matter what people say. And to my mummy, I know I never said this to you but.... I LOVE YOU. Yes, I do love you despite whatever we had been through, the bitterness, sweetness in our life. Maybe I may have not shown my love towards you enough, but I am learning to appreciate you in many ways mummy. And to me, that's an achievement already. And to top the cherry on the icing of the cake, I would like to dedicate this special hymn to you:

Mother of mine, you gave to me
All of my life to do as I please.
I owe everything I have to you
Mother, sweet mother of mine.

(C) Mother you gave me happiness,
Much more than words can say:
I thank the Lord that He may bless you.
Every night and every day.

Mother of mine, when I was young,
You showed me the right way things had to be done,
Without your love where would I be,
Mother, sweet mother of mine.

C) Mother you gave me happiness,
Much more than words can say:
I thank the Lord that He may bless you.
Every night and every day.

Title: Mother of Mine (courtesy of Sing Your Praise to God hymn book, 1985)

I should head to bed now. It's five in the morning and I haven't slept. Not enough sleep, I'll ended up being cranky. 

Love, Marcy.


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