Steamboat that didn't happen

Yesterday was the day where I was supposed to go out for dinner (steamboat to be exact) with my dearest Hany, Mann and also Farah, our friend from gym. Earlier yesterday, Hany and I were wondering why there was no news from Mann. Therefore, we almost assume that our plan to go steamboat-ing, ain't gonna happen and decided to go for dinner at either Water Tower or Allamanda's red cafe. Yes I know, sounds sad but there was no news!

my baby Cleo May edition with Amanda Seyfried. Bliss. Sorry the photo is not rotated. Hihi.

While Hany and I were chillaxing in my room, Hany received a call. Turns out, it was Mann! The plan was back on (though we kinda hope it doesn't happen cause we didn't want to spend a dime. Lol)! It was past 6.30 when she received that call, hence we assume he'll be picking us up anytime soon. We waited and waited but Mann didn't show up. Or so we assume. Turns out, he waited for us since 7 and we didn't knowwww! Sorry Mann. Hehe. Then we went to pick up Farah and bam! Off we go to Kuching :D

*skipping unimportant, boring details during the journey*

Finally reached D11 at 8. But when we arrived there, it was DAMN full! It's like, half the population of Kuching was there (exaggerating much) as when we were looking for seats, there were a few more groups coming. Devastated, we left D11 and head up to The Hills to figure out our next move. That's where our fun starts. Weeeeee~ Upon reaching The Hills, we went to Esprit (the outlet was just opened recently) to window shop. Knowing girls, it's like clothes paradise. And Mann, being Mann, went off to nowhere. Haha. Looking through clothes, admiring 'em. Typical girls day out. After touring the whole Esprit, we went to Mango doing the whole drill of looking through clothes and admiring 'em. Getting bored of the same drill, we went to the first floor and went to The Times bookstore as Pak Cik Mann (as Farah called him) was there. But as we came, he left the bookstore and disappear somewhere else. Oh gosh. Read some books before heading to Toys R 'Us. That's where the fun begins. Wanna know what I mean? I'll just let the pictures do the talking. :D

Hany darl with her umbrella of choice.

Blurred picture of Farah. Btw, she's the birthday girl. Happy birthday Farah!

A clearer photo of her. (notice that Mann is in the background)

Yours truly :)

Farah and Lightning McQueen. Ain't she adorable?


Baby Alive. It talks as Hany touches it. Lol.

After one hour of wandering in The Hills, we finally leave and head our way back to D11, hoping that there is a spot for the four of us who were starving like hell! But as we reached there, we realized that it was still full. With heavy hearts, we left D11 and in the end decided to dine at Raja Ayam Penyet instead. Though things didn't go as planned, but nonetheless we had fun. Anyways, happy birthday again Farah. Let's toast for the memories we made last night and more to come *click glasses* :D


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