Tear jerker

*background music: Lucky Guy by David Choi*

The most anticipated video of the year is finally here!!!! Well, at least for those who watched the first part of Unfold that is.

I just love how flawless Marianne Tan's acting in here. Ethan Curzon, you look hotter here. Lol. And the both of you looks so cute together as couple in here. Big thumbs up for JinnyBoytv team for making this awesome short story. Because of you guys, I started watching short films on Youtube (which surprisingly are waaaaayyyyy better than the shits that they're showing on tv).

I don't want to say much here, but I suggest to y'all to please, PLEASE watch this short film. So you're single, or in a relationship, or even married. But I tell you, if you had ever been in a long distance relationship, you WILL relate to this. Though I suggest you must watch Unfold part 1 (click here) first, so you'll know the history of Anne and Daniel (the name of Marianne and Ethan's character respectively) relationship, and you won't feel lost and couldn't connect to this particular video.

So to Jin Lim and Reuben Kang, you guys and the rest of the JinnyBoytv are the best for making awesome videos. Just stay true to yourself, and you'll go a long way. I can't believe I'm saying this but, I am your BIGGEST FAN!!! Congratulations for the video :)

Look!! They're even trending on Twitter!!!


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