Rhythm of Love

How do I know I am in love?

P.s. Answers may vary according to people. This is a description of how I know and realized that I am in love. :)

1. Every love songs seems to make sense. 
- During the whole ordeal of breakup, I cringe everytime I hear a love song is on the radio. I cringe even more if the song WAS our song. Even Jason Mraz's songs, and mind you, I LOVE Jason Mraz. But one fine day, I was up early even though my class was at 10 a.m., and I played the selection of songs from PLL (short for Pretty Little Liars, for those who don't know) which are related to the girls falling in love. But I dismissed this fact so we go to the next fact.

2. I just couldn't fall asleep because the reality is better than my dream.
- I used to wept before I go to sleep. Heck, I even wept in my sleep because I thought that I am living in a bad dream. This stops when I spend a lot of time with him, texting him, even have late night talks that we were willing to skip sleep for. Even after those late night talks, when I was about to go to sleep, I just couldn't because I was still smiling about what had happened earlier on. There are time I even had to force myself to sleep. Yes, it is getting obvious that I am falling in love.

3. Smiling like an idiot all the time.
- I bet everyone agrees with me about this. When you're in love, you just smile all the time without you realizing it. I do that too. I thought I would never smile after the relationship fail. But somehow, I was wrong. I was able to smile again, and I smile all the time. Which makes my friends wonder what or who can make me smiling alone sometimes (which I bet do scare some people. Haha.). There are times I smile upon looking at my phone and people will be like, "why are you smiling upon looking at the phone?" and I answered them with a smile.

4. All I can think of is him.
- Well, this is very cliche', so I shall not elaborate more. :)

5. My heart beats fast/skips a beat whenever I saw him.
- Every heard Lenka's song, "Heart Skips A Beat"? Yeap, that is basically how my heart reacts everytime I see him. And it still does act that way even when I thought I had forgot him from my heart. Apparently, I haven't. People say it is the biggest sign ever that your are in love with that person, and the drama Dejavu di Kinabalu just proves the fact. 

Well, that is basically how I know I am in love. Though, now it doesn't seem that way anymore. Maybe I had fallen out of love perhaps? But then signs (4) and (5) are still applicable, so I am not sure. And although I thought at first it was a crush, but four months had past, and I still couldn't stop thinking about him. That is one psychological fact that people say as an indicator of whether or whether not you are in love. 

One thing for sure is, I still love him, even though it hurts to know that I might not be the source of his happiness.  


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