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Usually, I like to use song titles (that I am currently listening to while updating the blog), but today I'm gonna make an exception for this post. 

From L - R: Tyler Blackburn (Caleb, Pretty Little Liars), Keegan Allen (Toby, Pretty Little Liars), Patrick J Adams (Mike Ross, Suits)

They are my current obsession, and not a day goes by passed without me watching them. Pretty Little Liars is currently on season 3, and I'm happy to say I'm at the current episode! Managed to do some catch up over the past few weeks, and earlier I watched PLL's new episode of season 3, Crazy. Suits, on the other hand, is something I watched from Mondays to Fridays on Diva Universal. Although in US, Suits is already in season 2 but Malaysia unfortunately, a bit lambat lah. Nevertheless, it didn't stop me from watching the first episode of Suits season 2. Thank God for internet! So yeah, I practically have a 'date' with these three guys every single day. *gosh, I sound as if I don't have a life. Sad. But true.* 

I just had to add another picture of these two. :p

I wish to post this on Facebook, but then again, I'm not the kind of person who wants to annoy people's news feed with unnecessary details about my life, so yeah. I guess I can have to be annoying somewhere else. And this is one of the places. So please don't judge me for being 'annoying' here. At least I don't disturb your life, no?

But if people starts to post random things like this, I know I'll get annoyed too. Haha. Just saying.




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