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This morning, I was scrolling through Instagram search and I found @thoughtcatalog's Instagram. So I immediately scrolled down the page and read a few posts that I consider interesting. Then, I came across this particular posts which struck a chord in my heart; as I was told by my confidante many moons ago, that if I want to find a life partner, it is better that I find someone who is entirely my opposite. At the time, I don't understand what she meant. But after our conversations a few days ago, and me reflecting back on what had happened during the first half of 2016, eventually everything make sense. 

Now, I don't own this post. This post is entirely from Thought Catalog's Instagram. The reason why I am posting it here is so that it becomes a reminder to me whenever I feel that things are not going according to my way or how I envisioned it. 

Sekadar gambar hiasan. Taken from Pinterest board, "All About Vivy Sofinas Yusof"

If you want to grow, don’t date someone who is exactly like you.

It’s easy to be seduced by your mirror image—someone who validates your every whim, who agrees with you on every major issue, and who wants to spend every hour of the day just as you do. It’s reassuring to be strikingly similar to another human, but when you choose a mate who’s just like you, you’re destined to remain stagnant.

Don’t date a “yes man” or “yes woman”—the people who laugh their faces off at everything you say, and who follow your lead blindly every day. Date the person you literally can’t stand on occasion because their opinions drive you mad or their way of seeing the world seems incomparable to you. Force yourself to try to see things from their perspective—to learn how their experience of the world has shaped their views and made them harbor whatever beliefs they hold dear.

Urge yourself to consider an alternate reality.

Date someone whose strengths offset your weaknesses, and vice versa. Someone you can admire for being truly accomplished in the areas you struggle in—who’s motivated where you’re lazy, meticulous where you’re sloppy, cool and collected when you’re given to craziness.

This person will round you out.  Together, you will be better. You will enhance each other’s lives, even though you will not always align. You will butt heads, and you will fight. But if you know how to apologize, everything will be fine.

Over time, you will learn to celebrate each other for exactly who you are, including those sometimes irksome differences. You will come to understand that your partner’s flaws aren’t flaws at all. And neither are yours. You are both human and you are both constantly evolving. As a couple, you’ll see that you’re unstoppable—thanks to each other.

The last paragraph is my favourite, among the whole. Cause I had always being a big believer that you have to accept a person for who they are; and their flaws can actually be your strength. You know how sometimes you search everywhere for the precious gem in your life but actually it has been in your life all along? Yeah, that's exactly how I am feeling right now. I don't feel stupid for letting this person go; somehow I am not worried. For some reason that I could not explain to other people (who are I believe, less intuitive than I am) that I know this person will come back to me somehow. I'm not sounding cocky, but to be honest, I was never the one looking for him. He came into my life without me knowing it, expecting it. But I believe, there must be a reason why I feel that way. It doesn't matter if other people don't believe it. What matters the most is that I BELIEVE. I believe God sent him into my life for a reason. And I definitely learnt a lot from him, despite of the short time that we spent time together. I am deeply grateful for that. 

Perhaps we both really are not ready for each other yet.
But once we are, I know we are unstoppable
and by then, no one could say anything anymore.


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