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It's the 21st century, and everyone (and when I said everyone, I mean it includes some people whom we can call "grandparents") are in various forms of social media. There's Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Line, Google plus. We have microblogging app such as Dayre (it is pronounced as 'Dia-ry', something like that). We have apps fit for photography enthusiast such as VSCO Cam and Instagram. Heck, my ama has Whatsapp and created one chatroom specially for her children, their spouses and her grandchildren! And she just turned 75 a few days ago (although, I am not sure if this is her REAL age or her IC age, lol). That is how fast our world is moving today that having a social media is a must (or it seemed like it).

Since most of my paternal cousins are twice younger than I am (I have one cousin on the way in fact, as at today lol), I am exposed to a number of social medias that they use these days. And one of it is Snapchat. So what exactly is Snapchat?

Snapchat is actually a form of social media where you can use to post photos (well, what else is new?), and a video of a few seconds. And the beauty of this app? After 24 hours, whatever that you posted will be sort of 'erased' from your profile. But I remembered reading about an update on Snapchat that there is Snapchat memories, something like our Facebook memories, I guess? I don't know. I just can't be bothered about the updates hahaha. All I know is that I get to post pictures with captions ON the photo itself, with some filter like face swap (this I can say, my favourite filter among all, lol) and also a few seconds video of what I AM doing at the time. I can say that I gave in to 'peer pressure' (sorta) as I have my own Snapchat account since a few months ago.

Actually, the real reason why I am writing this post is because I just wanna find a reason to post some of my Snapchat photos elsewhere than Snapchat hahaha. If you are expecting a heartfelt post like most of my previous post lately, well, not today. So this is the collection of my snaps for today, July 16th 2016.

So basically that's my update for today. It looks mundane but, well, I guess Snapchat is another way of one to post mundane things and make it interesting. To end this definitely random post, let me post a selfie of me with one of the filters hahaha.

If you have Snapchat, add me up at kumangjulan!

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