OOTD Adventure

Last Saturday, the best friend and I went out for OOTD adventure (as she call it hahaha).
I don't consider myself as a model, because in the real world, casting manager for models will not even look at me twice because I am short, like, pocket size. And because I am not skinny enough. Hahaha!
But I think I am quite photogenic though, kot. Haha.*blush*
Irregardless, the experience was fun, posing at different places, finding good angles that won't make you look fat, finding good lighting.
I have always enjoyed reading (and looking at the pictures) bloggers such as Annatasha, Vivy Yusof, and Audrey doing their OOTD posts.
Vivy and Audrey may not have the height of a model, but THEY. JUST. LOOK. SO. GOOD!
Needless to say, inspired by them, we both did this OOTD shoot out of random (well, we thought of this before, but never got the time to actually do it).
We both are no professional people, just two random girls taking photos at beautiful places using a normal point and shoot camera.
Oh BTW, we did the adventure at the Old Court House, as well as at the old Post Office building at the heart of Kuching.
Kuching is such a beautiful place with the combination of the old, and new.
It was indeed a great way to explore the city I had been living in my whole life.
Also, in the photos above, I edited it from a website called Picadilo.
It's a great photo editing website as it is not complicated to be used as compared to other software, for example, Picasa.

Among all the photos that we have taken, the one that I love the most is this:

This was taken in front of some shop at the China Town, Carpenter Street.
Photo editor? INSTAGRAM. Lol.

I can't wait to have more OOTD adventures with the best friend!


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  1. Ur not short, ur fun size... like my hubby always tell me. =)


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