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A question asked to me by a friend of mine earlier last night: 

"Have you ever wonder, perhaps whatever that's happened is all because of 'timing'?
Like for example, a person who is really sick, determines to get Well in any ways possible.
Say, he chooses to go and see a dukun, 
And the dukun said to him to say a certain mantra. 
He did as what the dukun had said, and he gets well eventually. 
So this guy thought that the dukun is a real deal, and not just some fraud who wants his money. 
Plus, in order to see that dukun, he had to go through a lot of challenges (I.e drive miles and miles away, had to take a boat upstream, just to see this dukun.) 
But what he doesn't know is that, perhaps God has written in his life that he will get well at that exact moment, exact time, irregardless of what his method may be (even if it might be wrong).
And all those challenges that he had gone through ,are just obstacles to make him stronger. 
Have you ever think of life that way? "

My honest answer? 
NO, I never think of it that way.
But I believe, that everything that has happened is due to God's timing, whether we like it or not.
If we move ahead of God, we might be interrupting Him in whatever that he is giving to us. 
Be it a blessing or a lesson.
And if you are lucky, it can come in both ways. 

If that is the case, then I am lucky, because you are both a lesson and a blessing in my life. 
You may not be in my life anymore, or I am in yours, But I am grateful that we had crossed paths not once, But a few times. 
From the memories that we had, 
I learn not to move ahead from God's timing, no matter how hard I try to.
And because of the realization, I was able to make peace with some of the demons in me that I thought would stay in me forever. 

And for this, I wanna say, thank you Lord for this beautiful gift of yours.


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