What can you find in my handbag

It is a new month already, and without you realize it,
half of the year had already passed us by.
What have you done for the past six months?
Was it meaningful?
Is it life changing?

Okay, this post is not a post for reflection
(as you can clearly see from the title), but more of a random post.
I realize that I blog less and less these days because now that I own a smartphone (ehem),
I online more using my phone instead of my poor, bulky laptop. 
Sorry lappy. I love Siti (that's the name of my phone btw, lol) more. Haha.

So anyways, last night as I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed,
I came across an article that was shared by Daphne Iking about handbags.
As curious as a cat, I clicked on the link of the article (click here to read the article).
After reading it, I actually can relate to what the ladies had to say about what they have in their bag,
and I suddenly had my ah-ha moment to update my blog about what I have in my handbag.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is my trusty handbag.
I bought this bag at Summer Mall last year during one of those random days 
where I just walk to a mall, going from one shop to the other,
and as I saw this bag, I just fell in love.
And so happens I have extra cash with me so I decided to just buy it.
Plus, a girl can never have enough handbags.
Imelda Marcos has 1 000 handbags. 
Need I say more? :p

I used to use a big handbag during my early days of using a handbag,
but as time passes by, the size of my bag decreases as I carry less items in my bag.
But now, I think I need a bigger bag than that for my purse is very bulky, and it acquires a lot of space.
Need some proof?
I'll give you a sneak peak of what I have in my handbag, and how bulky my purse is.

Let's start from the top row:

(From L - R): band aid, lipstick pouch, and my bulky, red purse

Second row:

(From L - R): a packet of tissue, handkerchief (in case you are wondering what handkerchief that is, it is a Pikachu handkerchief. Don't judge me, I got that handkerchief from mummy when I was twelve. I'm the kind of girl who can have sudden allergy reaction which causes me to sneeze every two seconds, and that handkerchief comes in handy), Johnson & Johnson cologne, and lip balm

Third row:

(From L - R): sanitary pad, pen, sun block, and a hand sanitizer.

Oh, just for the fun of it, I actually took a closer shot of my lipstick pouch and my bulky purse.

I got this when I was teaching at SMK Batu Lintang, from mummy. As mummy is the kind of woman who doesn't leave the house without make up, she feels that this is necessary for me, especially that I am (at the time) a teacher. But most of the time I just used lip balm though, cz I still can't comprehend the lipstick on my lips haha. However now I try to use lipstick every now and then, provided I'm wearing blouse or casual dress going out.

Last year I used a different purse, the three fold purse, a black colour.
But I find it to be a hassle, especially after making a payment at the counter when you want to leave quickly.
Hence, I change to this purse.
Despite the fact of it being bulky, I actually like the colour.
And the coin section and the money section is also conveniently placed at the same fold.
I can foresee myself using this purse for another year (for I'm the kind who changes my purse every one year, despite for it still being in a good condition) 

As for the rest of the items in my bag, I believe that those items can also be found in other ladies' handbags.
Maybe I don't carry as much item as the other woman, but one fact remains:



This is very true for myself, because I always have a hard time finding the car keys in my handbag,
which result to sometimes I have to actually dig out everything inside my bag just to find it.
And the victims of those who have to hold my things are usually my bestie, or Elly, 
or my kumangs. 
They know me too well that sometimes they'll remind me to look for my car keys before we even walk to the car park. Haha. 

Now, if I myself, a woman, have a hard time finding things inside a woman's handbag,
how do you think the men (husbands/boyfriends) can find items in their wives/girlfriends' handbags? Lol!

This meme actually sums up my whole post. Haha!


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  1. I realise i blog less and less too even tho i told myself to do it at least once a month! hahaha

    Your bag, my bag... sama saja. Sanitary pad tu adalah nyawa. :-)


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