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Had a small get together with Rachel, Pris and Ida last night at Oinks!, Jalan Song.
The last time us kumangs get together and had breakfast/lunch/dinner was at Starbucks, KIA, just before Vic fly off to Bintulu after attending Tina's wedding last month.

Yes, the wedding was one month ago.
 Still can't believe that one of my close friends is married already. 

Anyhoo, the reason why we had dinner last night was to just have a simple get together before Pris flies to KL tomorrow to start a new chapter of her life as a working woman. Yerrrr... Working woman.

If two years ago, we usually talk about assignments, quizzes, exams, lecturers and 
whatever that's going on in uni. 
But this year, our conversations mainly revolves about who is getting married (yeah I know. For some reason everyone is either getting engaged or married), where is this fella in our class working, what car do we wanna buy as our first car etc.

And this year alone, I have had become the confidante of some of my closest friends.
Usually, it was always me who seeks advices from either Vic, or Hany or Rachel. 
Especially when it comes to the matters of the heart.
I find it somewhat, funny, for how roles can reverse. 
I guess, this is what they call life.
For life is like a cycle, where sometimes the ones who are always in need of help, can become the person who helps those who are in need.

Now that most of my friends are already starting working, having their own life,
and then there is me, who is still trying to find my way, I do feel like I am somewhat left behind, in a never ending rat race.
Which sometimes causes me to over think.
However, I do believe in rezeki, that everyone have their fair share in this world, given by God. 
Perhaps my time will come soon, without I know it.
I just gotta believe in it. :)

To Pris (I know I've said this on Instagram but I'm gonna say it again),
good luck on your new job.
I know your capabilities, and I'm sure this will be a very good exposure to you.
Stay in touch with us kumangs, and 
know that this is not goodbye.


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  1. The natural cycle of life. :-) You will go through it too I believe, it's just a matter of time. :-)


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