A quiet 24th

Celebrated a quiet birthday dinner with the soulsister, Rachel last Saturday.
She invited me for a birthday dinner treat last Tuesday, and I agreed because I thought papa was not going to be here this weekend.

How wrong I was. He is here right now, for work purposes.
But luckily, there was a family gathering at Matang so I was in no dilemma and able to go for the dinner. *phew*
Besides, I had already planned in my head (I am a planner like that) to celebrate my birthday with the family during the CNY eve family dinner as EVERYONE is here.

Last year's birthday with the familia.

We had dinner at Porkies, Jalan Song. 
This is our first time here. I've gotta say, the atmosphere was great. 
Was surprised that the service crew uses football jersey as their uniform.
But I've gotta say, whoever comes up with that idea, you're awesome. Haha.

Kuching's Old Trafford you! 

The food, on the other hand, was a bit salty to our liking. 
It was good, but just a bit salty.
Which leads to our conclusion that it explains the reason why our mulut sangat 'masin'.Haha.

Us with our food. 

*here comes the deep thoughts*
*deep breath*

When I was growing up, I assumed that being popular is the way of life.
That having a lot of friends brings benefits to me.
As I reached my 20s, I come to think,


What is the point of having a lot of friends when during rainy days, 
none of them is available for you?
What is the point of being popular when it only brings drama to your life,
and you complain every second of your life drama?
Despite of the small circle of friends that I have,
they are always there for me when I need them,
and I am there for them when they need me.
We may not see each other everyday, but we know that we are in each other's life everyday.
I come to learn, not everyone you met is deserved to be called a "FRIEND".
And family, oh family.
They are the most important support system that everyone have,
but fail to fully utilize them.
I'm glad for my family, despite of the imperfectness.
Then again, nothing in this world is perfect, and every time possible,
I thank God for my family, and the friends that I have.

I also realized that, being thankful everyday is a great way of living.
Yeah, I may not have what the other person has,
or my family is not as rich as another person's.
But being born in this family makes me realize that most of the things in life,
A cliche, but true statement. 

Last but not least,
life is a rat race, indeed it is.
But if you live your life by competing with other people in terms of
how big your car is, how big your house is, or
how big your paycheck (or your significant other for the matter) is,
you will never have enough.
Which explains the reason why I decided to extend my semester last September.
I must say, I think I make a right decision because my CGPA did increase.
Although it may not up to what I hope, but I get what I deserve.
Like a lot of people said, 
"you reap what you sow".
I believe in that too.

This will be my year, AND I KNOW IT!

I guess that's a long deep thought. Haha.
Now, for my birthday wish.
Well, I don't hope for much though, because I know God knows 
what's best for me.
That is why, whenever I pray (bukan riak, haha) I will end it with, 
"whatever Your will God, let Your will be done unto me",
and I know, He'll grant it for me.
Sooner, or later.
I know he will.


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