Day 36 of 366: Laman Muka Buku

I'm sure everybody knows what logo that is. I used to be an avid user of this social networking service. There is not one day I did not go to this website. It's like an addiction; just like alcoholism or drugs but it's different in another way because all you have to do is to sit yourself in front of your electronic device and be someone you may/may not be in real life. 

However, after my failed relationship, I deactivated my Facebook because I need my privacy. In actual fact, I miss my privacy. My life used to be shared a lot, I share about my (then) boyfriend a lot that when we broke up, I feel so down. It's as if I couldn't face anyone because most people see how close, how lovey (or maybe too much lovey dovey) I was towards him and maybe some expected that our relationship will go a long way. I do not want to be asked the reason why we broke up. I do not want to delete away all the memories we used to had. All those pictures that we took meant a lot to me. My close friends know how fragile I was at that time. Asked them, and they will answer the same thing. "She still loves him so much that it hurts.

I guess, at that time I was just too in love to let him go, to let all the memories go. I'm sure everyone had gone through that phase.

In March, I met Joyner because she needed a favour from me. She knew I don't have Facebook, and she herself was going through the same ordeal as I was so she changed her number and lost all her contacts which kinda makes life complicated. Thank God Hany was her coursemate and that's how she got my number. We met up and then talked for a while. I told her about that, the whole reason why I deactivated my Facebook. Since it was already two months since the drama, she persuaded me to re-activated it back but I just couldn't. I needed the time to re-discover back the one thing that I had lost along the way, which is me *I'm sure those of you who are my avid reader *coughs* know about this because I've said about it in my previous post*. Luckily most of my friends understand why I needed to do that.

Another reason why I stayed away from Facebook is because there's just too much drama. Every single day, people posted status that sometimes actually screams "attention seeker". Some uses the Facebook wall to talk to their boyfriend/girlfriend when in actual, they can meet up and go out for a date. We all know that you guys are dating okay? Must you rub it in our faces (especially those who are single) that you are in a relationship? We all have handphones you know, so why not use that particular technology to actually text each other? If you don't have credit, just chat via the Facebook chatbox. I really believe there is a reason why Mark Zuckerberg creates chatbox you know. So that you can chat privately without having other people knowing what exactly you talk about. That's when everything is so rosy. Don't let me get into the part when the couples fight. I mean, do you have to tell the world that you are fighting? Pfft.

Oh. And do not get me started on various kinds of Facebook users (for more elaboration please look at the photos below. Thank you. Photos courtesy of Google.)

But then I realized, as my age increases every year (I do not want to use the 'O' word here. Lol), my paths will not bring me any closer to my relatives. Now is still okay because I'm studying in Unimas which happens to be in Samarahan, not far from Kuching. Okay, actually quite far but it's still within Kuching. I still can go to family occasions such as weddings, birthday parties etc. But some of my relatives are as far as, Indonesia? Of course Facebook is very essential to know how each and every one of the relatives are doing. What if I got a job offer not anywhere near Malaysia (perasan) and the only people who knows about it are my family? I can't expect my parents or my grandparents or my aunt telling my relatives that I am not here every single time there's a family occasion that they attend but I am absent for it. And I can't keep wasting money just to call back family because I want updates on how my relatives are doing, what family occasion did my family attended for that particular year. Each and everyone of us will face money constraint, no one can deny it (well, except for the millionaires and the billionaires all around the world). I guess it is indeed high time for me to be in Facebook. At least they know I exist in this world and did not vanish to the ends of the world or something.

So there, a very lengthy explanation about Facebook and the reason why I was on a hiatus for one year if I'm not wrong(?) and the reason why I decided to have one again (I really wish I don't have to do this, but then again, situations can change anytime so don't be surprised if I decided to deactivate it again). And before I end this post, I would like to put an interesting quote that (I hope) everyone can relate to. 




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