Ever since the existence of hashtag (it starts from Twitter and Instagram, and of course, Facebook being FOMO had to include hashtags on their website as well), people had been using it extensively. Some uses it the right way, but others, wellll.... can I just say that they need to go to social media school before using hashtag? Hahahaha. Nevertheless, I enjoy reading hashtags because you'll never know what you will find. Among all the hashtag that people uses, I love how Vivy Yusof (check out her Instagram, @vivyyusof for those funny hashtags) uses her hashtags. This is her recent posting and I've gotta say, she's really creative and witty with her hashtags.

I mean, Vivy, can you not be funny for once? Hahahaha

Until yesterday.

So my bestfriend, Moses, has this habit of posting funny pictures that he found on 9Gag or Facebook into our chatroom. Yesterday, he posted something about the longest hashtag and I'm like, ' meh. Another one of his jokes. Kelak lah check. ' as I was still busy doing some work. Then suddenly, I don't know why I suddenly feel like I want to open Facebook on browser. So I did. But before I feel like opening my Facebook, I saw notifications on my Facebook but I just like, 'meh. Maybe it's group notification. No need to check lah.'

You know that thing about instinct? Yeah. Mine kicked in last night although I can't make sense to why I need to check my Facebook (but on Moses' post in our chatroom I can't even sense wtf hahaha). So the moment I was on Facebook, I saw this:

Then I immediately check Moses post in our chatroom, and I saw THIS:

And I was like, hahahahahahahaha this dude ah, VERY FARNI! I read the comment one by one and laughed at every single one of it. So the moment he reached home, I immediately called him and asked, "sempat jugak kamu post ni. Dahlah hashtag panjang sangat. Mana dapat idea tu?" And he laughed at what I asked him. I also told him that, combined total of likes (as at when I called him last night) was almost 80++, AND COUNTING. He was shocked to hear it. And I'm like, "what do you expect? Your post is too sweet for everyone to handle," hahahahahahaha (and I still getting remarks about it today in the office).

I think I need to school him on proper lengths of hashtag hahaha. However, he's getting good at taking my pictures so we're good, guys. Hahaha.

Inspired by the #followme couple hahahaha

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