Please be careful with my heart

nowplaying: Be Careful With My Heart - Richard Yap & Jodi Sta Maria

So I was minding my own business, going from one website to the other,
while listening to's Love Song via Astro decorder (lol).
I find that these days, my ears can only accept the musics played by
Only occasionally I tune in to Mixfm or Era. I'm sorry but ever since this thing called "electronic music" becomes the in-thing,
I stopped listening to them. Plus they have a habit of playing the same song every one hour so,
no thank you lol.
I guess I'm too old to listen to Hitz haha.

Anyways, like I mentioned earlier, I was browsing through the net when suddenly I heard some familiar lyrics:

"If you love me, like you tell me
Please be careful with my heart....."

And I was like, 

EHHHHHHH!!! BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEARTTTTT!!!! *cue in dramatic hyperventilating, hand wailing in the air kind of hyperventilating here*
Then I listened to the guy's voice and I was like,
"Hmmm... how come he doesn't sound like Sir Chief?"
*Yes, I was bitten by the Sir Chief love bug.*

That guy in that shiny, grey suit, is Sir Chief to be exact.
Please Google on your own if you do not know what this dramedy is about, 
because I'm not gonna talk about the drama here.

So back to my hyperventilating mode earlier.
Took my trusted Siti and searched for the TrackId app, and after several trials *am sooooo gonna uninstall this app and replace it with Shazam instead*, 
I discovered that it is indeed the song Please Be Careful With My Heart.
But it was an older version, and perhaps the original version of the song.
The one that is sang by Richard Yap (who played Sir Chief) and Jodi Sta Maria (Maya Dela Rosa) is a cover, which eventually became the theme song of the dramedy of the same title.

This video is the version that I heard on 
If you can actually seen that lady's blazer and her hair cut, you'll know it is not that current. Lol.
Oh, this is also sang by Filipinos.
Filipinos are super talented in singing eh?

And then, there's another version by Christian Bautista and Sarah Geronimo, also Filipinos.

All the three, sound quite similar.
Although I think I love Richard Yap and Jodi's version more; maybe cause I'm used to listening to it during watching the drama before.

So, after the hyperventilating moment and all, I had an ah-ha moment.
I think this song makes it to my wedding playlist that I have, in my mind palace. Haha.

What? A girl can dream of their own dream wedding, no?
And it includes the wedding playlist. 


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