Pray For MH370

If there is something that I learnt from Communication & Society subject, it is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS check the sources of information before you share the information that you found. There are so many people involved in this. The family members and friends of the passengers as well as the cabin crew, the airline itself, as well as our country’s image is at stake. How would you feel if your family members are the ones in MH370, and some irresponsible people spread false news, wouldn’t you be angry and frustrated? Please avoid making insensitive remarks, regardless if you think it as a way of joking, because this is not a laughing matter. Stop speculating, for it doesn't get anywhere. And please, stop playing the blaming game, for everyone is doing their best right now. The best we can do is to pray and hope for the best for MH370. 

Heard a very heartbreaking poem shared in Malaysia Hari Ini in TV3 that I shall share here:

Menanti Kamu MH370

Langit sudah bertukar kelabu,
Kesedihan melanda terpahat di kalbu,
Seluruh dunia menanti beritamu,
Muncullah nanti seperti selalu..

Andai tercalar tinggalkan lah petanda,
Andai terguris tunjukkan lah di mana,
Andai ada tunjukkan lah rupa,
Tidak nanti kami tertanya..

Sudah tertulis janji bersemi,
Lautan biru bertukar merah,
Ya Allah Ya Tuhan kami,
KepadaMu kami berserah.

Lets Pray For MH370 


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