Patience is a virtue

In another four days, we will say goodbye to the month of June and hello to the month of July. I wonder if anybody had realize, half of 2013 is now gone. Because I just realize it only today, after looking at the date. It's either I'm oblivious to the date but actually, I am living a life. As a student. And as time passes, I realize that we actually grow more mature.. In many ways you never thought you would.

You see, before this (I'm gonna make a confession here), I am not a patient person. I really am not one. If my patience is tested even just for a bit, I snapped easily. Usually, it so happens that I snapped at people whenever:

  1. I have not enough sleep. In semester 3 and 4, we have morning classes, and since I stayed at home and not in college, I have to drive to campus. With assignments and such that keep most students awake at night, explains why I don't have enough sleep. There were even times that I actually didn't sleep. I kid you not. So, when things don't go my way, I snapped. Luckily, my friends know not to push my buttons when I don't have enough sleep (because I usually warned them first. Haha). Usually, I brought coffee to class to keep me awake but still, my patience will be tested even if I drink coffee. I was fooled by Pretty Little Liars, especially Hanna who always brings coffee when she had not enough sleep. Haha.
  2. That time of the month. This is usually when I snapped the worst. PMS. Need I explain more?

And since waiting is also another process of patience, I can safely say that I hate waiting as well. 

However, somehow, in 2013, things change. I don't snapped easily, despite of having not enough sleep at night. And when things don't go my way, I just stop for a while and think, by being angry will it help to solve whatever that is happening. When I realize it doesn't help, I stop being angry. When things don't go my way, I pray to God to thank Him for whatever that is happening because perhaps it is His way to tell me, it is not my day. 

And to tell you the truth, I did not realize this first. Rachel and Mijot did. Yes, I can be oblivious at times. Haha.

So, to many impatient people out there, who are just like me (before), I hope that you learn to be patient because by being patient, you won't be angry. And trust me, being an angry person drains away your energy. Trust me, I know. 


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