Standing on my principles in life

I have a few life principles that not many understands why I choose to stand upon it. 
Among it are: 

1. I try not to judge someone's action. Reason being: you don't know what forces them
To act that way. And you also wouldn't want someone to judge your actions too
2. I don't feel the need to tell the whole world when office mates (close one for that matter) decided to resigned and move to a new company. Reason being: it's nor my story to tell
3. If you spread fake news or half truth news, I WILL question you on where you got your source. Reason being: both fake news and half truths can hurt people along the way. What if you are the victom of fake news or half truth? Can you handle the shame that comes with it? No? Then stop spreading it. 

That's the end of my post. Not sure why I'm penning this post. But I read an article today, about feeling lost in life, that the writer mentioned, if you feel lost, write. And since this is my form of writing, hence this post. 


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