I wish you well... :)

By the time you guys are done with reading this post, I'm sure you will realized that this post might not be related to the title. Yes, I purposely put that title for that is what I am currently feeling right now. 

I remember that I saw this particular Facebook status once (it took me a WHILE to find when it is posted. Kepada tuan punya Facebook, kalau kamu baca saya punya blog dan perasan yang saya guna status kamu dalam post ini, sorry sebab 'cedok' tanpa bagitahu. Saya ni pemalu orangnya. Haha. But if you want me to acknowledge you, bagitahu saja k? Haha)  .

It says:

"If a breakup makes you closer to your family, friends, work and God, it means that your previous partner is not what God sent to be your life partner. His/her job is done. Thank him/her, don't hate."

I SECOND THIS. Enough said. 

And I guess now I know why I laugh more than I used to. I think I laugh even more than when I was in a relationship.

If you think that I look funny when I laughed, you should see and hear for yourself my laughter. Like I always tell my friends, my laughter can be heard miles away, explain why guys are afraid to approach me. Haha

You know what?

After proofreading this post, I guess the title is somehow related to what I'm writing here. 


2 comments darling:

  1. Hi. You have a beautiful laughing face. :) I bet your laughter can cure heartbreaks too! Never be afraid to laugh. It's therapeutic.

    1. Hi there :). Really??? Awww.... thank you. That was a candid shot, and I still think I look funny. Haha.


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