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*Disclaimer: I actually had made a post about Katy Perry's documentary movie, Part of Me and ranted about how my single life is somewhat miserable. But I decided not to do that; instead, I came up with this post (refer to title).*

I have this syndrome of can't seem to get myself to sleep for the very first day of a new semester. It happens for the past two semester, and today, it's happening again. So here I am, putting my thoughts into words. But that's not exactly what I want to discuss here about. 

For the past three months of summer break (unfortunately for Malaysia, we only have three seasons: hot, rainy and aircond), I've been on Facebook a lot because I wanna keep in touch with my friends who are not on Twitter. They are my kumangs, as I fondly call them. However, they don't go online all the time because unlike (poor)me, they are doing their short semester over the break. So, they have to attend classes, assignments to do and of course, study for midterms and finals. But when they are online, I go online too, to either interact with them, or to play The Sims Social (and unfortunately for me, I'm hooked to that game). 

And then I realized, Facebook is not what it seems anymore. It's very different to when I first sign up in 2008. Now, you can share a lot of photo quotes, which reminds me Tumblr. At first I was okay with it, because I love quotes, and as you can see, quotes are my biggest motivators. But somehow, it started to get on my nerves. I have this friend (on Facebook), who is constantly sharing photo quotes, one after another. There are times I couldn't help myself but to roll my eyes whenever he/she posted those quotes. I may be a big fan of quotes, but don't you think that sharing every single quote that you like annoys people? 

And then, there are people who posted status for like, every two minutes. My first reaction towards these people are, 

"haven't they heard of Twitter?"

But then again, I think to myself, if these people have Twitters, they'll be a compulsive Twitter user, where they tweet about going to take a bath or going to sleep, which is unnecessary, really. 

Nobody needs to know if you have a bad day, or you got a bad haircut etc. There are some things you can share, and some things you should keep to yourself. There was this one time someone posted about being constipated (where the faeces is so hard or something. Ew!) , and I was like, "really? Who the fuck cares if you're constipated? Get yourself some fruit and be done with it!

It just amazes me that you can be anyone on the internet, but you choose to be stupid for reasons only God knows why. Sometimes, it can also show the level of maturity that particular person has, regardless of how old that person is. 

Facebook had also, allows people to create drama, which somehow is more drama than the soap operas or the sinetrons that I've seen on tv. You get what I mean? Sometimes, you can see statuses about couples who fight online (I've never witness this, even back in the days I was using my old Facebook, thank God) for all the stupid reasons. Then, there's status of girl fight, bitch fight, whatever fight. "Haters gonna hate" or "bitch, you mess with my friends, you mess with me" sorta thing, you know? C'mon people. If you have a problem with another person, why must you post in online for the whole world to know? With this border-less world, anyone and EVERYONE will know about your hatred and anger towards this person. And you might spike the anger in another person, i.e. the family, or the relatives. Instead of making your problems go away, you are inviting more problems than you should in the first place. If you have a problem or issue(s) that you need to resolve with this other person, you can do it face to face, or if you can't, you can do it on the phone, by calling the person. But if you're too broke to even by credit to reload, then just Facebook message. You don't have to spike anger in everyone, because being an angry person is just unhealthy. Believe me, I was an angry person and it drains me out. Save your energy for doing something good, like charity for example. It can bring benefits to you and the people involve. 

I wish to go on and on because there are so many points that I can elaborate about this topic. But it's almost 2 a.m now and in order for me to not be cranky when I wake up in the morning, is to sleep. Thank God my classes starts at 11 a.m but it will be direct until 5 p.m so it will be (sorta) a long day for me. Therefore now, I shall bid you good day and may God bless. :)

But before that, I would like to ask, 



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