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God doesn't always give you what you WANT, 
as He gives you what you NEED.
The same applies to people.

God doesn't always give you WHO you WANT, 
but He gives you WHO you NEED.
Because the people you want sometimes can be the people who destroy you,
and the people whom you never thought in a billion years you will want them;
are the people who actually helps you and builds you to be a better person.

Life is simple;
we humans tend to complicate things.
And in life, we have many choices.
What is right for me may not be a right choice for another person,
and vice versa.
Before you start moping about how miserable your life is,
remember, that it is a choice that you make yesterday influences whatever you feel today.

So before you feel like judging someone for making an action,
There must be a reason behind the action made.
Try and imagine yourself in their position;
would you do it differently if you were to put in the same situation as them?
Or you ended up doing the same thing?

Just take a second and THINK.
Be a good listener, have empathy towards another person, be positive.
Believe that you will receive in abundance, and you already received what you really want. 


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  1. This is very well said. Optimism makes life more interesting.


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