Selfie Addict

So I was having my lunch alone today *insert the foreveralone.jpeg image here* at KFC because I was craving. Damn period make the hormones go crazy and crave for food.

As I was seated at my seat, there was this family, consist of a mother, daughter and grandmother seated across my table. The girl was holding a monopod, trying to take a selfie with her grandmother who is busy eating the KFC chicken. My first thought, "girls, selfie and monopod. What else is new?" And I continued eating. But after a while, *cue in fifteen minutes later*, this girl is still taking selfie, from different angles. My second thought, "perlu kah show ngan dunia you eat at KFC? KFC jer pun." And continued eating.

I am not sure they were speaking in what languange, but my wild guess was they were talking in Orang Ulu language. I heard the mother did said something to the daughter, maybe not to selfie too much and eat her food. I guess la.

Half an hour passed, and the girl was still holding her monopod, taking God knows how many selfie she took. By that time, I can't help myself but to give dirty look because I was annoyed at the girl hahaha sorry I can't help myself. I mean, can't you just be in the moment and live your life? Perlu kah every few seconds selfie? That's the problem with today's generation; eveything also want to document online. Pergi jamban pun mok selfie. Goodness gracious. Maybe I sound like an old soul, but there are things that you should keep to yourself. And that is what you call PRIVACY.

Young kids, if you don't know what's the meaning of "PRIVACY", look it up in the dictionary. And another thing, don't selfie too much in the public. Do you know how ridiculous it looks?

Nah. Belanja satu selfie. Hahaha.
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