A December to Remember

Today marks the third day in the last month of the year. Which means to say, we all had gone through 337 days altogether. I must say, this year is really a hectic year. Lots of things happen, for a reason (I believe) and the emotional roller coaster I tell you, is quite exhausting. From breaking up to crushing to falling in love all over again to another broken heart (not a severe one this time though). Not a good year for me to be in love; or in a relationship I suppose. Studies also a bit affected due to the emotional roller coaster. I just hope I will soar again soon. I do need motivation and mojo for me to soar in my studies again. I need to put back my A-game if I want to achieve what I had dreamed the day I set foot to Unimas. Nevertheless of what had happened this year, I am still a firm believer in love. I know there is somebody out there somewhere, is destined for me. He might still be out there, waiting to enter my life by accident, or he is in my life already, just it is not our time yet. But for the time being, I will enjoy my single life with my friends and family (which little did I know I had missed a lot when I was in a relationship). Like my friend said, 

It will never be the same again when I fall in love again :)

So yeah. I'm hoping for a proper closure this month for every misery that I had in this entire year. Like I have said earlier, December can you please give me something memorable to remember? :D




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